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A Madame Nielsen Evening Update

event is overbooked. Please pick up your reserved tickets until 5.30pm. The exhibition will stay in Berlin until beginning of december and can be seen Mo-Thur 10-5pm and Mo-Fr 10-2pm at Literaturhaus Berlin.

A Madame Nielsen Evening 16/17.11.2018 Literaturhaus Berlin 6.30pm 

Nielsen“imported democracy” to Iran, was buried and lived -sans papiers- in the streets of
Copenhagen, was part of the famous Wooster group around actor Willam Dafoe has an own band “The Nielsen Sisters,” and wrote 2013 the novel “The endless summer” which was highly praised by critics and the press. Madame Nielsen received the Reumert award for best dramaturgy was nominated for the main prize of the Nordic Council of Ministers and is one of the DAAD artists 2019.
One day and one night the Literaturhaus Berlin will be transformed into a Nielsen universe through performances, readings, debate, exhibition, installations and a late night concert .

curated by: Ricarda Ciontos
german voice: Sabin Tambrea
presentation : Julia Encke
Technique: Sebastian Januszewski

Press Sabine Bündel and Ulla Dehning Agentur Zitronenfisch www.zitronenfisch.com
funded by the danish arts council and the danish embassy ( german danish cultural year 2018- 2020)
a production by NORDWIND and Literaturhaus Berlin

tickets at  ticket@literaturhaus-berlin.de

The European Balcony Project

a project by Ulrike Guerot, Robert Menasse and Milo Rau

Since the EU is in a permanent struggle due to various economical and social crisis Ulrike Guérot and Robert Menasse raised their voice with great engagement and stamina.

To strengthen the idea of a european republic to be more present in political debate and to create a brought support for the idea Ulrike Guérot, Robert Menasse and the swiss director, author and essayist Milo Rau developed the  „European Balcony Project“

10.11. 4pm the manifest of the European Balcony Project will be read fromt the balcony of  the Kunstquartier Bethanien. NORDWIND is part of the project together with Forum für Übersetzung und Theater,
Internationales Theaterinstitut / Mime Centrum (ITI), Dramaturgische Gesellschaft (dg), Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk berlin,Dachverband Tanz
Deutschland, Klangwerkstatt Berlin – Festival fuer neue Musik.