Madame Nielsen (DK)

Athi-Patra Ruga

*1963 Madame Nielsen is an author activist performer and musician. She made her literaryinternational break through with her book „the endless summer“-Between 2001 and 2010 she initiates several interventions under the name Das such as „ importing democracy“ in Iran and Afghanistan.Her interventions 2014 in the Ukraine as Miss World in Ukraine and the US aimed to startanother kind of peace initiative.Madame Nielsen is nominated for the Grand Literature award of the Nordic Council ofMinisters she is a DAAD artist 2019 and Reumert award winner.Her reader travels lead her to Germany Switzerland Scandinavia and the US.

Projekte des Künstlers:

November 2018

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Nov201816(Nov 16)18:3017(Nov 17)18:30A Madame Nielsen EveningFormat:Ausstellung,Diskursprogramm,Film,Lesung,Musik,PerformanceKünstler:Julia Encke ( DE),Madame Nielsen (DK),Sabin Tambrea (RO-DE),The Nielsen Sisters (DK)Tickets unter ticket@literaturhaus-berlin.de18:30 - 1:00 (17) Literaturhaus Berlin, Fasanenstrasse 23

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