November 2017

Nov201711(Nov 11)19:15(Nov 11)19:15All the days of our lives / Still/LifeFormat:TanzKünstler:Arnbjörg María Danielsen (IS),Qudus Onikeku (NGA)ticket19:15 - 20:15 silent green Kulturquartier, Gerichtstraße 35


ALL THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES is situated between blasphemy and violent disobedience. In a bid to undo the layers of violence and domination by another over another. This piece isn’t a call to action of any sort, it is in fact a call to inaction and to inflect upon the new
being that European migration have created of us all over the last century of colonisation and how those new humans have created orphans who now migrated equally and people the global capitals, with a crude legitimacy for being there.

This open working session is a quest to establish a new tribe, a tribe devoid of stereotypes and preconceived notion.

STILL/LIFE is simply the story of the rise and fall of man, and the cycle of time within which we are caught. Qudus Onikeku intend to simultaneously make visible the head and the tail of the same coin at the same time, to identify those motives that preoccupies men of power, and slowly transform them into a murderous monster. Above all, he invites his audience to confront their contradictions and oppositions, to reflect on schizophrenia, as a symptomatic feature of the world mankind lives in. In this highly collaborative piece, this
proposition is dealt with great virtuosity and combining dance, acrobatics, music, oral poetry, video and visual art.

All the days of our lives / Still/Life

Fri. 10.11.17, 7:15 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Sat. 11.11.17, 7 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Concept and Performance: Qudus Onikeku, Arnbjörg Maria Danielsen

In collaboration with Disko Arts Festival and QDance