Dezember 2017

Dez201704(Dez 4)12:00(Dez 4)12:00Martyr MuseumFormat:AusstellungKünstler:Sort/Hvid und The Other Eye of the Tiger (DK)ticket12:00 - 20:00 Kunstquartier Bethanien · Studio 1, Mariannenplatz 2


The Martyr Museum is a smaller tour version of the original site-specific piece performed in Copenhagen. What is a martyr, who has the right to use the term and what role has the martyr to play in our contemporary world? Our fascination with heroic characters in not a new phenomenon. Nonetheless, we still wonder what makes people die for an idea. Are today’s martyr’s different from those in the past? And what does it mean to die for one’s convictions?

In the exhibit the doors are being opened to the lives, deeds and deaths of the martyrs. During the visit of the mobile museum the audience is guided by a binaural audio experience through the minds of some of the most well know martyrs in their own genres throughout world history. After the audio experience the visitors will have the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the many reconstructions from the collection of the museum. The exhibition by the artists collective The Other Eye of the Tiger in cooperation with Sort/Hvid presents a wide range of martyrs e.g. Saint Stephen, Jeanne D’Arc, Jan Palach & Omar Ismail Mustafai, who was one of the shooters at the Bataclan in Paris. Informative and objective, the exhibition doesn’t honour the martyrs, but rather sheds light on the different aspects that characterise them and helps the audience to stand in the shoes of the martyrs for a brief moment. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of discussions.

The Other Eye of the Tiger (Denmark)

The Other Eye of the Tiger is an artists collective consisting of six graduates from the Danish School of Performing Arts. The collective is characterized by a will to work closely with their audience and tell stories through them. Working, deciding and practicing together using their different fields of expertise as starting point for the exploration of each new project. Their work includes Holes (2015) and Joey Chestnut (2016). Members of the The Other Eye of the Tiger are: the actor Morten Hee Andersen, the set designer Ida Grarup, the director Henrik Grimbäck, the producer Mia-Luise Heide, the light designer Suni Joensen and the sound designer Asger Kudahl.

Sort/Hvid (Denmark)
Sort/Hvid is a curatorial platform from Copenhagen and has been under the artistic direction of Christian Lollike since 2011. The theatre is well-known for its controversial, political and uncompromising performances using cross-aesthetic methods and displaying on diverse platforms in reflecting contemporary social topics and debate. Sort/Hvid collaborates with a long list of theatres, festivals and art institutions both in Denmark and abroad.

At each Audiowalk only 7 person can participate.

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Sort/Hvid und The other Eye of the Tiger (Dänemark)


29.11-06.12.17, 12-20 Uhr , Studio 1 im Kunstquartier Bethanien

29.11.17, 7pm Opening

The Other Eye of The Tiger: Asger Kudahl, Henrik Grimbäck, Ida Grarup, Mia-Luise Heide, Morten Hee Andersen, Suni Joensen

Dramaturg and Producer: Tanja Diers

Co-Production: TOETT, Sort/Hvid and The Danish National School of Performing Arts

Assisting Prop Designer: Alice Shurkalina

Set building: Mikkel Munk Iversen
Technical assistent: Rasmus Skaarup Johansen

Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation