November 2017

Nov201712(Nov 12)15:00(Nov 12)15:00Symposium 'Projects and Perspectives'Format:DiskursprogrammKünstler:Kainkollektiv,Wayne Ashley,Xander Serenticket15:00 - 17:30 SAVVY Contemporary, Plantagenstraße 31


Symposium ‘Projects and Perspectives’

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut

Taking curatorial practice and artistic development that is becoming increasingly global and networked as its starting point, the symposium participants will ask the following question: which production models are possible in the context of international cooperation? Moving away from working conditions based on financial and staff hierarchies, strategies are to be developed in which resources are shared equally and funding functions as a transmitter without having an effect on artistic decisions.

Hegemonies and dominances in the shared working process will be critically questioned and their causes discussed in dialogue. Especially for artistic processes, in which the artistic potential dominates more strongly on the one side and the financial funding on the other, possibilities for equality in working structures are to be found. With its many artists from the African continent and the Nordic countries, as well as working with different funding bodies and supporters, the NORDWIND festival will provide the starting point and main material for discussion at the symposium.



Syowia Kyambi (Kenia)

is a Kenyan-German artist, who investigates how much one’s own biography is influenced by attributions of gender and sexuality, memories, colonisation and experiences of racism.

Wayne Ashley (USA)

is Founder and Executive Producer of ‘FuturePerfect Productions’ an interdisciplinary production company that focuses on the intersection between media, visual art, live performance, and technology in New York.

Xander Seren (USA)

is Associate Producer of FuturePerfect Productions. Seren has been working with the company since 2015. He is a composer, musician and computer programmer and has done commissioned and institutional work for New York arts organizations Rhizome and Issue Project Room.

kainkollektiv (GER / CMR)

Represented by Nils Voges and Mina Novakova

Founded in 2004 in Bochum, the kainkollektiv is a international working artist collective, creating collaborations between installations, theatre and performances.

Berangère Jannelle (FR)

Founder of the France collektiv La Ricotta, a multimedia working artist collective, creating works about political and socially relevant issues.

Mona Guichard (GER / FR)

Cultural Attaché of the French Embassy

And representatives of the Goethe-Institut:

Gitte Zschoch (GER / DRC)

Director of the Goethe-Institut in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Susanne Traub (GER)

Deputy Head of Division and Contact for Dance and Performance

Isabel Hölzl (FIN / GER)

Director of the Goethe Institut in Finland