NORDWIND was founded in 2006 by Ricarda Ciontos and since then has continuously grown into a platform and festival. In the beginning, the festival was dedicated exclusively to the Nordic countries, but by now the festival functions more as a platform for the encounter between Nordic and international artists. In the 2017 edition of NORDWIND under the name Songs of a melting iceberg, productions from abroad and co-productions with artists from the Arctic region, Nordic countries, African continent and Berlin and Hamburg will be shown at six different performance venues: Kampnagel, SAVVY Contemporary, Silent Green, Studio 1 in the Art Centre Bethanien, Galerie Wedding the project Novy Mir will reflect on german russian similarities and differences in arts society and politics and is a cooperation of Kampnagel and the Theatre of Nations in Moscow. Nordwind will also cooperate with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art for certain projects. A Madame Nielsen evening will take place 16-17.11.2018 in the literature house Berlin and will present the exceptional artist writer activist musician Madame Nielsen in a first ever retrospective. This project will open the 2019 edition dealing with gender issues and feminism. 8.2.2019 at renowned Babylon cinema curtains will be raised for the very first Sámi feature film – Nils Gaup’s intense 1987  adventure and oscar nominee movie “OFELAŠ/Pathfinder”. accompanied by an ensemble of highly acclaimed young  musicians. This project was already shown as part of ” songs of a melting iceberg-displaced without moving” at Kampnagel Hamburg in december 2017. 2019 NORDWIND will then  focus under the overall title Exploring Blankness on the fourth wave of feminism and critical re-narration of the last decades of feminist movements. After the succesfull collaboration with the Literaturhaus Berlin NORDWIND will follow up with the performance and literature series “Women in Battle-Rebellische Frauen” in October / November 2019 before the next NW Festival takes over 5-15.12.2019 at Kampnagel Hamburg