Date / Time 28.11.2015 - 21:00 Clock
Kampnagel Hamburg
Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg

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Die REPA ART GROUP from Saratow opens a multi-channel-conference with artists and curatos from Russian provinces in an international context on 28. November um 9:00 PM. With their project „REPA can do it online“, they examine the impact of digital communication on the creative process between artists, curators and art itself.

28.11.2015, 21:00 Uhr
Kampnagel / kmh
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About Intimnoje Mesto
New laws were passed against homosexual propaganda in St. Petersburg in 2013. Various artists and the opposition were intimidated through legal procedings and many critical voices started enacting self-censorship. As a direct consequence, the lawyer and graduate of the School of Engaged Art Marina Maraeva opened INTIMNOJE MESTO in the central district.
The guiding principle of the space lies in its opposition to the increasingly materialistic language of popular media. After the beginning of the Ukraine-war, TV channels showed endless loops of battle scenes from the Great Patriotic War (WW 2) and every commentator spoke of the new Cold War. In contrast, INTIMNOJE MESTO radically disarmed. The group that surrounded Maraeva aimed to create a laboratory in which the boundaries between collective and individual usage, between the private and the public are blurred; a space where it remains open whether something is to be shared or used personally.
Within a short space of time, this approach influenced the city’s cultural scene, changing the rules and procedures that dictate how art is shown and discussed. While usually, the perfect presentation and smooth surfaces are paramount, INTIMNOJE MESTO favours the unfinished. The raw power of the rough sketch exerts its pull: juicy, seductive and sensuous