Three men spending time together. They play games and mess around on an empty stage. They try and find an approach to their own bodies, to their spatial surroundings, to the others' presence. Physical bravado ends up in brutality, tenderness disintegrates into absurdity. It is a humorous as well as an engaging look at the kind of confusion that the demands on the “new male”  unleash.

© Laurent Paillier

Marchal, Reyner und Tanguy describe their methodology as “anarchy-democracy”. Each participant fights for his own artistic interest, to advance cooperation. Generosity and spontaneity are the requirements and creative conflict is the result.

This process is rendered visible on stage through the interplay of the three dancers. Wordlessly, the performance speaks of the complexity of all personal interactions. Who am I? Who is the other? Where are we? Where should our relationship go? Hesitantly, they explore their bodies and the space, and let themselves be swept away by a maelstrom of grotesque dancers, orgies of screaming, love scenes and choral songs. Repeatedly this leads to minor show-fights with no real cause, leading to the increased malice and annoyance of the participants. In spite of everything, the practical experiment follows the question: “Do we hold on to each other? And if yes, how?” The hand-holding remains fragile.

The men are almost impossible to take seriously: during the entire performance they are only dressed in a t-shirt, lacking trousers or underwear. However, their clumsiness is so endearing that the audience laughs with them rather than at them. I addition to this, the question of why the three do what they are doing repeatedly poses itself. Perhaps their performance is the last remains of archaic power play which the audience can experience, perhaps it is childish delight at overstepping boundaries and losing control, perhaps it is a tentative attempt to be weak and gentle inside the a masculine construct. In the end, the question remains whether the show is readable at all. Therefore caution: applause will perhaps come at the wrong moment.

04/12, 9:30 PM (Berlin, Sophiensæle)
05/12, 9:30 PM (Berlin, Sophiensæle)

Choreography / Dance: Roger Sala Reyner, Simon Tanguy, Aloun Marchal
Light : Pablo Fontdevila.
Artistic Advisor: Katerina Bakatsaki, Benoît Lachambre, Igor Dobricic.

Produced by Het Veem Theater Amsterdam
Co-production: zeitraumexit Mannheim, Musée de la danse /CCNRB

With kind support of Institut Français Amsterdam, Institut Néerlandais de Paris, Dansbyrån Gothenburg, Konstnärsnämnden/ Swedish Arts Grants Commitee.

With kind support of the Institut français and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs / DGCA.

With financial support by Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne.