Two versions of Ludvig Daae appear on stage: a living person and a video projection, as dancer and choreographer. Daae comments his own piece and argues with himself. The piece is a moving, humorous solo about the gaze and its potential disruption through the affirmation of one’s own identity.
credits by Karolina Bengtsson
by Karolina Bengtsson

MM developed from the collaboration between the dancer and choreographer Ludvig Daae and the filmmaker Joanna Nordahl. The video-Daae appears, at first, to have the power over events. He greets the audience and observes the proceedings on stage with an almost patronizing manner. He announces each development and tells anecdotes from rehearsals. “Here we have interpreted a musical score. This didn’t make it in to the final version.”  

The piece apparently permits insight into the intimate relationship between dancer and choreographer that ordinarily remains hidden – particularly as Daae incorporates both identities in this case. Who is Daae; The projection or the flesh-and-blood dancer? Is the live-solo a piece in its own right, without the video, or do the two aspects complete each other?

Over the course of the performance, the video becomes increasingly independent: cuts and slow-motion effects transform the dance on the screen to a performance that cannot be imitated by the live solo. Both Daaes playfully concede their individual territory: their latent competition dissolves into a loving cooperation.  
Duration: 25 min.

21.11., 19:00 Uhr (Dresden)
04.12., 21:00 Uhr (Berlin, Sophiensæle)

Concept, choreography, dance: Ludvig Daae
Film direction, editing, sound: Joanna Nordahl
B-photo, production assistant, press photo: Karolina Bengtsson
Sound recording: Martin Lindström
Grading/post: Johan Wik
Electrician: Mattias Montero
Music: Lune, John De Lira Lindberg
Studio queen: Jenny Herrlin
Technique: Katti Alm

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MM was created for, and co-produced by fesvial:display.
Thanks to Moderna Museet, Daniel Réhn, MDT, ccap for studio time, Mjuklyx.
With the financial support of Arts Council Norway.