WHATEVER SINGULARITY #453 is a solo created by Tilman O’Donnell. The choreography develops into a dialogue with a video-lecture by French philosopher Alain Badiou.

by Tilo Stengel

The lecture, entitled From Logic to Anthropology”, was recorded at the European Graduate School in 2012. In it, Badiou highlights the negativity of the conventional dialectic and political canvassing process as a problem. Here, the new can only be seen as a consequence of the denial of the present. Badiou demands instead to invert classic dialectic logic, so that the affirmation or political proposal precedes the negation. He proposes “incidences”: moments of opening in which the rules of the present situation are overturned to reveal new possibilities through the process of what he terms “primitive affirmation”. This new logic for Badiou is not only a political vision but “a type of anthropology” as well. With the simple affirmation of “the possibility of a new possibility”, according to him, a new type of subjectivity is created (one that nevertheless will still contain negation and revolt).
The choreography of the piece takes this theory as a starting point and renders it as a bodily dialectic. Alone on the stage, Tilman O’Donnell dances with the notion of primitive affirmation in an embodied sense, attempting to articulate physical and spatial impulses that arise before subjecting them to a negative present. He moves continuously in a counter-clockwise circle, attempting to gently undo the linearity and forward motion of history, both singular and universal.
Navigating the lecture as a musical score, he allows Badiou’s concrete concepts to flow freely next to a body articulating what it can’t yet know. Finally, he cuts through the space and begins to move clockwise again.
WHATEVER SINGULARITY #453 is one of several realisations of “the practical theory of whatever” that O’Donnell has been working on for several years. It is an attempt to look into the experimental yet concrete possibility of ‘whaterverness’, a stance that embraces the presence, perception and spirit of the not fully realizable. The artist and critic John Kelsey describes it this way:  “There are moments when the only way to make something happen is to become a stranger in one's own studio, in the very act of producing and in the face of our own products…[]“. Text and dance seem to circle this whatever.
Duration: ca. 25 Min.

Save the dates:
21/11/15, 7.30 PM // Dresden
02/12/15, 7.30 PM // Hamburg
03/12/15, 7.30 PM // Hamburg

Concept, direction, set, Costume and lLight Design Tilman O'Donnell
Video Design Recorded lecture with Alain Badiou

Göteborgs Operans Danskompani