In 1980, Kazzrie Jaxen watched the film ‚From the Life of the Marionettes‘ by Ingmar Bergman. Afterwards, she wrote him a sixteen-page letter, explaining how it changed her life: A dramatic inner journey makes her understand that she is not alone in her body. Hidden inside a small lump of fat under her skin, rests the remains of her unborn twin…
Der Regisseur Marcus Lindeen, Copyright by Johann Strindberg

The short film is based on an actual fan letter that American jazz pianist Kazzrie Jaxen wrote to Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman. Film and theatre director Marcus Lindeen found the letter while doing research for his theater play based on unfinished film scripts by Bergman and consequently developed the hybrid documentary Dear Director. Kazzrie Jaxxen stars as herself in the film.
Dear Director had its world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival in August 2015 where it was awarded the Cinema & Gioventù prize for Best international short film in the Pardi di Domani section.

English with German subtitles

25.11., 18.30 Uhr (Bern)
25.11., 21.30 Uhr (Bern)
28.11., 21.30 Uhr (Bern)

A Production by Fasad AB, in Co-production with the swedish television, Emelie Persson.
Supported by the swedish Filminstitut, Cecilia Lidin.