The young anti-fascist Timur Katscharawa was murdered by Neo-Nazis in St. Peterburg in 2005. Based on the interviews that took place following the deed, the play deconstructs the extreme tensions present in Russian society. Virtuoso acting, hard cuts, live videos and music bring these tensions to life.
Antikörper by Baltic House Theater-Festival
by Michael Domozhilov

Timur Katscharawa was murdered in the centre of St. Peterburg in 2005 by a group of Neo-Nazis. Not only in Russia did the murder cause great waves. Katschawara was a guitarist in the punk band Sandinista!, as well as being a member of an anti-fascist student group. Newspapers debated the increasing national extremism, many argued that the Petersburg secret service was involved, who had infiltrated the extreme right. The court case against the perpetrators, which only took place following massive student protests was a milestone in unravelling ideologically motivated crimes in Russia. During the research for the play, the journalist Andrej Sowlatschkow interviewed left and right groups in St. Petersburg, with the perpetrator and his friends, with the mother of the victim and with the police. This material then flowed into the script.

Michail Patlasow’s play allows insights into the social and personal background of the murder and contrasts varying sets of beliefs using sardonic humour. Bakunin meets Nietzsche; anti-fascist idealism meets the nihilistic Anger of the Skinheads.

This complex and fascinating portrait of Russian society, that won the prize for best small production at the Moscow Golden Mark Festival, investigates the causes of extremism and the relationship between resentment and aggression. The play rapidly and skilfully alternates between perspectives; highly emotional scenes are contrasted with cynical statements. Large-scale projections of live videos bring performers and audience into close contact, live music conveys the sentiments of the protagonists. The audience feels as if it were a part of the conflict in this divided society.
26.11., 8 PM
Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz / 3. Stock
Russian with German subtitles
German Premiere
18 / 12 €
Script by Andrej Sowlatschkow
Director Michail Patlasow
Set Design by Valentina Serebrennikowa
Video by Elena Anisimowa
Light Design by Konstantin Udovichenko
Music Design by Andrej Guryanow
Timur's mother – Alla Emintseva
Pasha's mother – Olga Belinskaya
Timur's friend – Elena Karpova
Antifascist – Vladimir Boikov
Former Faschist – Aleksandr Muravitskii/Igor Goppikov
Investigator – Aleksandr Peredkov
Guard – Iliya Borisov

A production by Baltic House Theater-Festival and Project St. Petersburg Documentary Stage