Panel discussion: Political art in Russia and Germany. With Oksana Shalygina and Dmitri Dinze in Berlin und Hamburg, in Dresden mit Oksana Shalygina

Since Pjotr Pawlenski was arrested after his latest actions in Moscow, he will not be part of the presentation of his work. On the 9th of November he set the Russian Security Service (FSB) entryway on fire as a political performance in protest against governmental terrorism. After the fire burned a minute a policeman arrested him. Pawlenski now pleaded that the case should not be treated as incendiary but as terrorism. 

© Courtesy of Pjotr Pawlensky

During the video-lecture "Figures of Silence" Pjotr Pawlenski's colleague Oksana Shalygina presents his work and explains how he forces public institutions by the use of his actions to be responsive. Also Pawlenskis lawyer Dmitri Dinse will be present in Hamburg and Berlin, who pleads Pawlenskis case "freedom" too. The following discussion (in Berlin with Philipp Ruch (Center for Political Beauty) and Fabian Scheidler (Die Megamaschine), in Dresden with e*vibes and Friederike Sigler, in Hamburg with Ted Gaierdeals with similarities and disparities in politically involved art in both Russia and Germany.

The exhibition will take place in Hamburg at Kampnagel from the 27th November until 5th of December.

27.11. bis 05.12. open on each day of events from 6 PM (Hamburg)
Russian und German
28.11., 8 PM (Berlin, Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz) 
Get yout tickets for Berlin (12,- / 8,- €) here.

27.11., 6.30 PM
in Hamburg, Kampnagel 

26.11., 6 PM
in Dresden, HELLERAU - Zentrum für europäische Künste.