The Hamburg musician Felix Kubin described the musical art project Mary Ocher as “pinball in hyperspace”. Born to a puppeteer and an unemployed engineer in Moscow in 1986, the family emigrated to Israel four years later. In 2007, Mary Ocher arrived in Berlin with a suitcase of anti-war songs and created a stir. She played numerous concerts (in Kampnagel with Sibylle Berg), made a fictional documentary with the bands Malaria! and Einstürzende Neubauten, joined Sasha Grey on a tour of Hamburg nightlife for ARTE’s programme “Durch die Nacht Mit” (Through the Night With …” and, following her debut-album “War Songs” joined the Hamburg record label Buback. They released her second album “Eden”, a wild mix of Krautrock, folk and piano ballades, produced by the Garage-Punk guru King Khan. Ocher had impressed him greatly with her dazzling live performances, and he is now co-producing her third album “Man vs. Air” (release date 27th November on Klangbad). With the specially formed two-percussion band Your Government, video projections, smoke and tribal fantasy outfits she imbues the protest song with a live theatrical update at Kampnagel.

credits by Ulrika Walmark


29/11, 9 PM (Hamburg)