Blue Motel is an experience, an event, a place that transcends daily life. It is a mix of the familiar and the alien, and a veil of something strange lies over the whole thing. In Blue Motell childhood meets the ecstatic dimensions of the carnival.

(c) Vigdis Haugtrø

This is about the little light from a window or a campfire you're drawn toward when you're lost in the woods, the alluring light that promises peace and no danger, but what is it really? The yearning for something that can save us, a community that will warm us, although any effort we make merely masks the fact that we're really only thinking of ourselves.

Light is the alluring warmth of something that's alive, the most dangerous place you can move toward, into a wilderness of metaphors where only a very well educated person isn't at risk of breaking its neck. We wander into the dark labyrinths of the soul, the one they're all talking about.

Hallucinations occur along the way in this landscape that uses your soul as batteries and presents fragments of our common history, the collective subconscious, the semitransparent. The audience is confronted with semi-archetypes recognisable from our own recent history, such as as Tonya Harding, fairy-tale characters like Hansel and Gretel and the candy-witch, but also literary characters such as Robinson Crusoe and the eternal themes of the Prince and the Pietists and the personification of the Universe. We recognise them, but they behave surprisingly.

The work is a living organism where the connection between ecstasy and cruelty is examined as the fulcrum of both carnival and ecstatic religion. The work discusses the longing to belong and give oneself over to a context or group which is bigger than oneself. The need for individual and group-control comes into conflict with this.

Text by Lisa Lie
Norwegian with english subtitlesn
Duration: ca. 150 Min

28/11, 6.30 (Hamburg)
29/11, 6 PM (Hamburg)

Concept/text/direction: Lisa Lie
Co-Creators/actors: Lisa Lie, Ivar Furre Aam, Helga Kristine Edvindsen, Kenneth Homstad
Szenographie/Kostüm: Maja Nilsen
Light: Steffen Telstad
Sound: Mikael Gullikstad/Anders Schille
Sound technician: Erlend Aune
Stage technician Erik Chan
Producer: Aurora Kvamsdal/Randi Martine Brockmann
Dramaturge: Elin Amundsen Grinaker

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, Fund for performing artists, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trondheim Municipality, Sør-Trøndelag County, The Audio and Visual Fund.

Co-producers: Trøndelag Teater, Black Box Teater, BIT Teatergarasjen, Turteatern/MDT