BOYS DON’T CRY tells the story of Brandon Teena, a young transgender man, who was murdered for his trans-sexuality. Brendan's story was made in to a feature film starring Hilary Swank in 1999. Mungo Park and Eventministeriet are now reproducing the events on stage as faithfully as possible.
Boys don't cry by Mungo Park + Eventministeriet
© Natascha Thiara Rydvald

Mungo Park is a young repertory theatre in the North of Copenhagen, and the Eventministeriet is a experimental company at the Royal Danish Theatre, specialising in productions with extremely short rehearsal periods and minimal technical equipment. BOYS DON’T CRY was only rehearsed for twelve days.

The play brings Brandon Teena’s story to life. It begins with his moving to Falls City, Nebraska, where he has fled from his home town Lincoln to avoid a conviction for car theft and fraud. In Falls City he makes friends with a clique of two men and women, and quickly falls in love with Lana, a small town beauty queen who has never met such a sensitive and empathic man before. Brandon keeps his biological sex hidden from Lana. They dream of a future together. But when Brandon is imprisoned in a women’s jail for his crimes, his friends become suspicious. Lana supports Brandon, but the two young men turn against him. They rape and murder him.

The case led to wide-spread debate and better laws for the sanctioning of hate crimes. Kimberley Price’s film received several awards, including a best actress Oscar for Hilary Swank. The Mungo Park production was only intended to have four performances, but meanwhile it has become part of the regular repertoire.
With their attention to detail the actors create an intensive atmosphere and allow insights into the background of the crime. Brandon Teena’s murder is shown as a desperate response to the dissolution of traditional gender boundaries, and the appropriation of masculine privileges by an individual living a new masculinity outside of heteronormative concepts.

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Danish with English subtitles
German premiere
Duration: ca. 100 Minuten

01.12., 21:00 Uhr (Berlin, Sophiensæle)
02.12., 21:00 Uhr (Berlin, Sophiensæle)
04.12., 20:30 Uhr (Hamburg)
05.12., 19:30 Uhr (Hamburg)

Director Anders Lundorph
Cast Mungo Park ensemble
Music Jonas Munck Hansen
Light Per Olsen
Sound Jonas Jensen
Costume Anne Sofie Bruun

Producer Eventministeriet Rikke Hedeager
Producer Mungo Park / International Relations Anne Sophie Fogedby

Danish Arts Council