Merry Chistsmas!

23.12.2016: In these troubled times the NORDWIND Team wishes you a good and peaceful christmas and a fruitful start 2017
save the date: next NORDWIND edition approaches November/December 2017!
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  Piotr Pawlenski hospitalized - fundraiser called out

01.02.2016: As his partner Oksana Schalygina told the associated press Piotr Pawlenski was admitted to a psychiatric hospital on thursday for further examinations which could last weeks or even months. In the context of institutionalizations during the soviet regime this can be understood as one further step to withdraw Pavlensky the public view and to try to deactivate him and his actions.

  Olga Jitlina honored with Art Prize of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

21.01.2016: The Russian video and performance artist Olga Jitlina, based in St. Petersburg, was honored last Thursday with the "Hans und Lea Grundig-Preis 2015", the art prize of the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation which commemorates the antifascist artists Hans Grundig (1901-1958) and Lea Grundig (1906-1977) of Dresden.

  Reactions to the NORDWIND festival 2015

22.12.2015: With the last day of the Berlin BALAGAN!!! exhibition, the NORDWIND-FESTIVAL 2015 comes to an end. For the first time, the program included more than 80 works of performance, dance and music, showcasing new discoveries from Northern Europe and their eastern neighbor Russia, in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Bern. We are more than pleased with how the festival has resonated with audiences and the press. Some of these reactions include: ...



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