Volker Weiß (GER)

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Volker Weiß (* 1972) is a german historian and publicist. He researches on history and the presence of the extreme right in Germany as well as on the german history of the 19th and 20st century. Weiss studied literature, psychology,economical and social  history at the university of Hamburg he received his doctorate with a monograph on the young conservative cultural theoritican Arthur Moeller van den Bruck. Weiß was a professor in Hamburg and Leipzig until 2014 and works as well independently for the magazines Die Zeit and Zeit Geschichte. For the weekly german journal Jungle World he writes since years about the extreme right wing; since spring 2014  he has his own blog called „Notizen aus Neuschwabenland“ referring especially on the right wing movement.Weiß was a member of the research center for nationalism, racism and antisemitism in Villig and a promotion scholar of the Villig protestan study work. For the 200st birthday of Moses Hess he wrote a play which was performed by Robert Stadlober and Henning Veske in the main parts. The music was written by Andreas Spechtl (Ja Panik!) and Thomas Wenzel (Goldene Zitronen).2015 he wrote a monograph about Moses Hess for the cologne Greven edition. 

His new book called „ The authoritarian right wing- the new right wing movement and the doom of the occident“ was nominated for the award of the Leipzig bookfair in the section non-fiction book / essay. 

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Februar 2018

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