Mina Novakova (BGR / GER)

Athi-Patra Ruga

Mina Novakova (*1985), born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria, moved to Germany in 2003 to study Media Science and English and afterwards Theatre Studies and Management. Since 2008 Mina Novakova has been working as a creative producer, dramaturg, translator and an artist. In 2017, she received a Master Degree in Artistic Research at the Ruhr-University in Bochum.

From 2008 -2014 Mina Novakova worked as an assistant director and production assistant on multiple projects with the theatre label TARTproduktion from Stuttgart. Die Hamletmaschine (2008), Fuck you, Eu.ro.Pa! (2009), Faust-Exhausted (2013) were multinational co-productions with, among others: Theater Rampe Stuttgart, Theater SFUMATO Sofia, Schlachthaus Bern, Nationaltheater Radu Stanca Sibiu, The Red House Sofia etc.
Due to this accumulated experience in the sphere of intercultural theatre productions, Mina Novakova joined the team of kainkollektiv in March 2016 as a creative producer and dramaturg and has been involved in different projects since then, e.g. Fin de Mission (2016), HAGAR (2017), as well as guest performances  in Poland, Cameroon and at different festivals. In addition, Mina Novakova works as a dance teacher and organizer at LindyPott e.V.

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November 2017

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