Oktober 2019

Okt201925(Okt 25)19:30Women in BattleRebellische FrauenFormat:Diskursprogramm,Lesungkarten unter www.literaturhaus-berlin.de19:30 Literaturhaus Berlin, Fasanenstr.23


The series “Rebellische Frauen // Women in Battle” will commence with a two-part evening. In her poetry collection, ‘Why am I so sad when I am so cute’, Ingvild Lothe offers a succinct commentary on the role of women in the 1980s. Her writing playfully addresses expectations, career dreams, sexuality, the tinder craze and loneliness. She is followed by the trio Amina Bile, Sofia Nesrine Srour and Nancy Herz: they scrutinise integration from a new angle, providing profound insights into the lives of young Muslim women in Norway’s welfare state. Lastly, Marta Breen’s graphic novel, ‘Rebellious Women’ gives a humorous and visually appealingoverview of the last 150 years of the feminist battle.The evening will be moderated by the Berlin-based collective FxTrouble, which consists of the choreographers and artists Roni Katz, Agata Siniarska and Xenia Tanik Dwertmann. For several years, the friendship-based collective has run VULVA CLUB in various Berlinlocations, a platform from which they, alongside other artists, present queer and feminist responses to current issues and discourses. 2 actresses from Theatre an der Parkaue will present the text material and participate in the discussion.

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