Andrei Kuzkin

In 2001 Andrei Kuzkin graduated from the Moscow State Academy of Fine Arts. From 2006 he took part in numerous exhibitions. Kuzkin first attracted the attention of critics in 2008 when he took part in the artist Camp Vervetvo during the youth biennial “Stop! Who goes there?” And showed several of his works, such as the installation “a place where nobody disturbs” and the performance “circular”, which became a sensation.

For several hours, Kuzkin walked in a circle around a pool with liquid concrete, it was tied to a stick in the middle of the construction. The performance lasted until the artist could no longer knead the concrete because it started to become rigid. Kuzkin himself described the performance as a symbol and a show of solidarity for the daily, unbearably hard life of his compatriots. The video documentation of this work has been used by Russian and European curators in numerous exhibitions. Kuzkin was already a guest of NORDWIND in 2015 within the project BALAGAN !!! in Berlin and Hamburg.