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Dedicated to “Exploring Blankness”, the Nordwind Festival 2019 examines from 5th until the 15th December the effects and potentialities of the fourth wave of feminism for feminist history and praxis in Europe while critically re-appraising the feminist movement of recent decades. “Fourth-wave” feminism typically looks beyond physical and structural abuse to also engage in a critique of the consequences of capitalist and colonialist power structures. Central to this is a recognition that categoriessuch as “woman” are not sufficient to understand and critically challenge the complexity of oppression – when, for instance, considering women of colour, trans women or women with disabilities. Following Gayatri Spivak, the “blindness” that the western colonial gaze has towards its own precariously patriarchal and racist structures can be described as an “inaccessible blankness” – including within western feminism. The artists contributing to this edition of Nordwind grapple particularly with the reality of feminism in the Nordic countries – but also in the rest of Europe.

NORDWIND FESTIVAL 2019 is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Danish Arts Foundation, Norwegian Embassy, Norwegfian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Finnish Institute in Germany, Swedish Arts Council, Fonds Transfabrik, Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Goethe Institut and Frankfurter Stiftung: maeceniafür Frauen in Wissenschaft und Kunst (maeceniafor women in science and art) as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses.

5 – 15 December, Kampnagel, Hamburg


Ofelas/The Pathfinder

"Flügel in Flammen" – An Evening about Dagny Juel with Anne Tismer and Lars Brandt

07.11.2019 19.30h, Literaturhaus Berlin

Dagny Juel‘s self-determined way of writing and living calls into question the bourgeois conventions of the late 19th century. Her progressive lifestyle made her travel from Norway to the Bohème around Strindberg und Munch in Berlin and to Tiflis, where she finally was slained. The performance artist Anne Tismer takes a closer look at Juel‘s writings and creates a crossover of science and fiction by referring to the research about the Bonobo apes. With the help of Barbara Fruth‘s writings, a neurobiologist and director of a research station for Bonobos in Luikotale, Tismer imagines how Dagny Juel‘s life would have been in the matriarchal society of the Bonobos. In a conversation with the author and film maker Lars Brandt, the son of Rut and Willy Brandt, who translated Juel‘s complete works into German, Tismer will explore the importance of Dagny Juel‘s work for today. The discussion will be moderated by Julia Voss.

“Flügel in Flammen” is part of the interdisciplinary series of events “Women in Battle – Rebellische Frauen” of the NORDWIND Festival in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Berlin. 

Ofelas/The Pathfinder

Ofelas/The Pathfinder

On 8.2.2019 at renowned BABYLON cinema curtains will be raised for the very first Sámi feature
film – Nils Gaup’s intense 1987 action adventure and oscar nominee OFELAŠ/PATHFINDER.
accompanied by an ensemble of highly acclaimed young musicians. Set on the
Finnmarksvidda plateau, it follows Aigin, a young Sámi hunter who sees his family massacred by
Chudes, a tribe from the East. Aigin swears revenge.
Orginal title: OFELAŠ / VEIVISEREN Director: Nils Gaup Screenplay: Nils Gaup
Photography: Eerling Thurmann-Andersen Actors: Mikkel Gaup, Nils Utsi, Nils-Aslak Valkeapää,
Helgi Skúlason, Ingvald Guttorm, Inger Utsi Run time: 1 hour 36 min Year: 1987 Country: Norway
Producer: John M. Jacobsen
musicians: Jakop Janssonn M.H.F.Mortensson Valdislav Demin Magnus Wiik

8.2. 2019 8pm at Babylon Rosa-Luxemburg-Street 30, 10178 Berlin

in norwegian with english subtitles


"Women in Battle – Rebellische Frauen"

25.10.2019 19.30h, Literaturhaus Berlin

With the announcement “Women in Battle” the group fxtrouble, who are known in Berlin for their platform of the VULVA Club, hijack the Literaturhaus for an evening with young Norwegian authors* and transform it into a crazy place of fresh gender criticism. While Ingvild Lothe‘s poetry questions the image of young women between career, sexuality, madness and loneliness, Marta Breen‘s title-giving Grapic Novel takes a clairvoyant course through the history of feminism. Sofia N. Srour and Nancy Herz present parts of their book “Shamlos”, in which the young Muslimas use their ingenuity and humour to make clear what it means to grow up as ‘strangers’ in the Norwegian welfare state. The texts are read by two actors* from the Theater an der Parkaue and supplemented by their views. The evening is in English and German.

“Women in Battle// Rebellische Frauen” is a transdisciplinary event series of the NORDWIND Festival in cooperation with the Literaturhaus Berlin.




In her work developed for NORDWIND, Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen creates an ethereal stage set made of fabric, which is always in a state somewhere between stillness and movement. The installation is a costume, musical instrument and stage set at the same time, using hiding and disguise, but is also the expression of beginning and end, exit and entrance, origin and dissolution and the temporality of all manifestations. Working with musicians from the Lydenskab Ensembles for classical music, Rasmussen and her dancers interact with the floating set until it becomes a performer itself: apparently motionless, then vibrating and unstoppable.

Tue. 07.11.17, 9.30pm, Silent Green, 30 min, English

Sat. 16.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min, English

Athi-Patra Ruga


Michèle Magema wanders through a snowy mountain landscape and in her performance, follows the trail of Seh-Dong-Hong-Beh, the leader of the Dahomey Amazons, also known as the Mino. In the nineteenth century, the Mino were an organised army of women who defended the King of Dahomey (today’s Benin) against the French colonial powers. As she put together her research material, Magema traced a line from the melting mountains of Greenland to the sand dunes of the Sahel zone. Linking these extremes, she creates a space between desert and ice, past and present, utopia and reality, in which the idea of another form of community becomes possible. 

Wed. 08.11.17, 7 pm, SAVVY, 30 min

Fr. 10.11.17, 6:15 pm, SAVVY, 30 min

Thu. 14.12.17, 9pm, Kampnagel, 30 min
Fri. 15.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min



For their performance Electrodomestics, Constanza Macras and Adham Hafez founded a collective for ‘domestic affairs’.
In a lively and inspiring mixture of a cooking show, a concert, a performance, an expert discussion and dance, the group investigates the concepts of cultural background and identity. Based on the performers’ circles of family and friends, the group uses their
social surroundings to explore phenomena like collectivity and nationality. The audience cooks, eats and joins in the discussion and in this way are pushed to their own boundaries and stigmata, but also unexpected openness. The boundaries between the performers and the audience are blurred and together they open up a space for exchange, togetherness and spontaneous, creative eruptions. 

Wed. 08.11.17, 9pm, SAVVY, 90 min

Athi-Patra Ruga


In her ongoing body of work, Between Us, Syowia Kyambi asks the question: to what extent do clothes create an identity and how can social roles be transformed through pieces of clothing. Taking the Kaunda suit as her starting point; a suit that was considered a symbol of prestige in Kenya during African independence movement, is now worn by low-level service staff, the artist examines the way social roles are ascribed and social expectations through various different costumes. How much is clothing to be read as an expression of nationalities, genders and status? What personal traits are emphasised or hidden using clothing? Mirrors installed in the space throw the questions back at the audience and always locate the performance on the line between voyeurism and participation.

Wed. 08.11.17, 6:30pm, SAVVY, 3-5 h, open format, no language



In his performance The BEATification of Feral Benga, Athi-Patra Ruga will carry out the BEATification of the cabaret artist and dancer Feral Benga, who saw himself as the male equivalent of Josephine Baker. Combining pictures of the Cabaret Nègre in Berlin in the twenties and performances by the two dancers, the question of which images nations and nationalism depend on will be critically explored. In a celebration that switches between exoticism, its parody and ecstasy, Ruga will unite both artists in himself and, in a ritual full of dystopian energy and dark power, allow the audience to take part in a dance it will not be able to resist losing itself in.

Th. 09.11.17, 8:15pm, Silent Green, 40 min open end, English / Xhosa

Athi-Patra Ruga


Markus Öhrn is resurrecting as his own grandmother Eva- Britt, six years after her death. “Mormor – The resurrection” is a Black Metal/Noise/Performance/Installation especially created for the old crematory in Silent Green in Wedding Berlin. Based on his project Azdora, Öhrn continues his work dealing with his grandmother: “Mormor – The resurrection” will be shown for the first and only time by NORDWIND in Berlin

Sat. 10.11.17, 9pm, Silent Green, 1 h , English / Meankeli

Athi-Patra Ruga


As part of NORDWIND Festival 2017, Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe will show his second solo performance developed by himself: Gula (Bird). Birds as a world of fascination: they can fly, communicate with their bodies, can maintain their position in the air against
the wind and communicate via harmonies – precisely and unceasingly. Mantsoe goes in search of the movement of birds and creates
a fascinating dance piece somewhere between break-dance, ballet and traditional African dance that suspends gravity. 

The pieces Je(u) by Laurent Chétouane and Gula by Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe will be presented for the first time together at NORDWIND and can be seenas a reflection of the different dance traditions inAfrica and Europe.

Sat. 09.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min, no language

Sun. 10.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min, no language

Tue. 07.11.17, 8pm, Silent Green, 30 min, no language

Athi-Patra Ruga

Improvisation of JE(U)

Is it possible to experience the body and movement simultaneously in dance so that the movement no longer oppresses the body, hides it, even denies it in order to achieve a two-dimensional visual aesthetic? But instead the opposite, to give it back its three-dimensionality, its weight, its materiality, so that the body can be experienced by both the dancers and the audience at the same time? In collaboration with the Swedish dancer Mikael Marklund, with Je(u), Laurent Chétouane has developed a game with oneself in one’s own foreignness, a serious game with the fall from verticality and perhaps a melancholy game with the self in the mirror on the floor: an experience of time. 

The pieces Je(u) by Laurent Chétouane and Gula by Vincent Sekwati Koko Mantsoe will be presented for the first time together at NORDWIND and can be seen as a reflection of the different dance traditions in Africa and Europe.

Tue. 07.11.17, 8pm, Silent Green, 30 min,no language

Sat. 09.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min, no language

Sun. 10.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 30 min, no language



Based on the story of the Inuit, whose ancestors were dragged around Europe as exhibits in the eighteenth century, Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory goes in search of her own ancestors and links them with current questions: what does it mean to be forced into a role?
How much do cultures depend on codified images? How can these images be changed, distorted, painted over? Williamson Bathory suspends the traditional post-colonial view in her piece through the combination of the traditional Greenlandic mask dance, uaajeerneq, and contemporary video art. In a powerful performance that moves between dance, video and orchestral music, she creates a space that expresses both an atmosphere of irony and mischief, and of violence and fear

Sa. 11.11.17, 6pm, SAVVY,1 h

So. 12.11.17, 7pm, SAVVY, 1 h



For Anahí’s Room, film-maker Ivalo Frank addresses the issue of child abuse in collaboration with five dancers. Based on poems by Jessie Kleemann, the dancers embody the power relationships between people, how memories are inscribed on the body and the arousal of desire against one’s own will. Sensitive and yet still brutal, the boundaries of a person’s own body are sought out, until it loses itself in the powerful taking over of another body. The performance Anahí’s Room, originally developed for a performance film, will be performed live for the first time at NORDWIND

Tue. 07.11.17, 5:00 pm, SAVVY 30 min

Th. 09.11.17, 7:30 pm, SAVVY 30 min, English, Danish, Greenlandic



STILL/LIFE is simply the story of the rise and fall of man, and the cycle of time within which we are caught. Qudus Onikeku intend to simultaneously make visible the head and the tail of the same coin at the same time, to identify those motives that preoccupies men of power, and slowly transform them into a murderous monster. Above all, he invites his audience to confront their contradictions and oppositions, to reflect on schizophrenia, as a symptomatic feature of the world mankind lives in. In this highly collaborative piece, this proposition is dealt with great virtuosity and combining dance, acrobatics, music, oral poetry, video and visual art.

Fri. 10.11.17, 7:15 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Sat. 11.11.17, 6:15 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Fr. 08.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel, ca. 60 min

Athi-Patra Ruga

All the days of our lives

ALL THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES is situated between blasphemy and violent disobedience. In a bid to undo the layers of violence and domination by another over another. This piece isn’t a call to action of any sort, it is in fact a call to inaction and to inflect upon the new being that European migration have created of us all over the last century of colonisation and how those new humans have created orphans who now migrated equally and people the global capitals, with a crude legitimacy for being there.

This open working session is a quest to establish a new tribe, a tribe devoid of stereotypes and preconceived notion.

Fri. 10.11.17, 7:15 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Sat. 11.11.17, 6:15 pm, Silent Green, 2 h

Fr. 08.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel, ca. 60 min



Working with the West African group Kabu Kabu since 2006, the world famous Finnish musician Jimi Tenor has developed a musical mixture somewhere between Afrobeat and jazz. Their album, Mystery of Aether, released in 2012, is the fifth album the musicians have recorded together. Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu will now present their music to the Berlin audience for the first time at NORDWIND: full of energy and humour, and extremely danceable. 

On the 09.11.17, Athi-Patra Ruga will improvise with Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu in a jamming session.

Th. 09.11.17, 9pm, Silent Green

Athi-Patra Ruga

DJ Cambel Nomi and Uyarakq

Subsequent to the performance ‘MorMor’ of Markus Öhrn we will invite the audience to a big closing event where the Greenlandic DJ Uyarakq and DJ Cambel Nomi, the Queen of Afrobeat will open the celebration for a final open end party for the artists and the audience.

DJ Cambel Nomi is German Dj with Ghanaian roots. Her music style is ranging from House, Afrohouse and Afrobeats to Hip Hop, Electro and RnB.

Uyarakq Artist in Residence for NORDWIND.

Sat. 11.11., 11pm, Silent Green



Dolastallat – To have a campfire is an experimental short film, which tells about a Sámi woman going to the mountains in Kola Peninsula, and having a modern campfire with an unexpected creature. The vast landscape has hints of Arctic mining industry, and there is also a reference to the old Sámi myth. The work is also a portrait of its auteur.

(Part of the Symposium Non-Orientable Surface)

Athi-Patra Ruga


The digital is omnipresent. It shapes our perception of reality, organises our social life, creates new identities and form networks between people beyond borders and cultures. It monitors every detail of our lives. While the internet is often described as a knowledge carrying project, illuminating and educating, the common user has given up on understanding the underlying mechanisms for their digital existence. In his video and lecture performance Cloud Residue, Remin dives deep beneath the surface of ‘The Cloud’, and reveals contexts and ecological consequences of our increased use of ‘big data’.The audience will be guided through an immersive performance in video, light, data and sound

Fr. 10.11.17, 5:45 pm, SAVVY, 20 min, English



In 1985, Dafna Maimon’s father opened the first falafel and kebab restaurant in Finland; Orient Express. Located in a shopping mall in Helsinki city centre, the restaurant introduced Finns to the previously unknown delicacies of the Middle East. At the same time, the fast-food restaurant was for many immigrants a work place that provided them with the documents necessary to obtain a residence permit and a start of a new life in Finland. Some years ago, Maimon found a rather strange high-budget video ad from 1986, which her father had produced, and which used his own exoticness in a high paced narrative to market kebabs in Finland. Starting from this autobiographical material and video-relic, Maimon is conducting a micro historical research, in which the workings of memory, family roles and the effects of destructive patriarchal structures are analyzed and weaved into a world of docufiction, spanning over performance video and installation. At the symposium on the 11th of November, Maimon will show the original ad and give a talk about her work-process and experience of growing up within a culture-clashing environment in which very patriarchal albeit ‘liberal’ behavior was the way of life. In Galerie Wedding,
she will restage set elements and surroundings from the Orient Express ad
, in which she will blend her own present experiences with her father’s autobiographical-material. 

Supported by the Finnish Institute Berlin.

16.11.17 – 13.01.18, Galerie Wedding

Athi-Patra Ruga


The symposium Non-Orientable Surfaces that will take place as part of ‘Songs of a melting iceberg – Displaced without moving’ will ask questions about the construction of identities, the concept of culture and physical and mental displacement. The festival will bring artistic voices from the Nordic countries and the African continent together and present their possible future visions and strategies of decolonialisation. The symposium will investigate critical concepts like cultures, nationalities and identity constructions, which are categorised by ‘race’, ‘gender’ and ‘class’, and will attempt to seek out ways of thinking that resist this without ideologically loaded prerequisites. The aim is to break through colonialist patterns of thinking and to find new terminology in the sense of an open language not stigmatised by global positions of power. It will also seek to encourage self-reflection on the part of the audience and the artists, to identify their own incarnated positions and question the ‘white’, ‘Western’ view.   

7.11., 18:00 Uhr, Silent Green,

8.11., 17:00 Uhr, Savvy

9.11., 17:00 Uhr, Savvy

10.11. 16:30 Uhr, Savvy

11.11. 16:30 Uhr Savvy

Athi-Patra Ruga

Symposium 'Projects and Perspectives'

Taking curatorial practice and artistic development that is becoming increasingly global and networked as its starting point, the symposium participants will ask the following question: which production models are possible in the context of international cooperation? Moving away from working conditions based on financial and staff hierarchies, strategies are to be developed in which resources are shared equally and funding functions as a transmitter without having an effect on artistic decisions.

Hegemonies and dominances in the shared working process will be critically questioned and their causes discussed in dialogue. Especially for artistic processes, in which the artistic potential dominates more strongly on the one side and the financial funding on the other, possibilities for equality in working structures are to be found. With its many artists from the African continent and the Nordic countries, as well as working with different funding bodies and supporters, the NORDWIND festival will provide the starting point and main material for discussion at the symposium.

So., 12.11., 15:00 Uhr, Silent Green


Syowia Kyambi (Kenia)

is a Kenyan-German artist, who investigates how much one’s own biography is influenced by attributions of gender and sexuality, memories, colonisation and experiences of racism.

Wayne Ashley (USA)

is Founder and Executive Producer of ‘FuturePerfect Productions’ an interdisciplinary production company that focuses on the intersection between media, visual art, live performance, and technology in New York.

Xander Seren (USA)

is Associate Producer of FuturePerfect Productions. Seren has been working with the company since 2015. He is a composer, musician and computer programmer and has done commissioned and institutional work for New York arts organizations Rhizome and Issue Project Room.

Kain Kollektiv (DE)

Represented by Nils Voges and Edith Nana Tchuiang

Founded in 2004 in Bochum, the kainkollektiv is a international working artist collective, creating collaborations between installations, theatre and performances.

And representatives of the Goethe-Institut:

Gitte Zschoch

Director Goethe-Institut Democratic Republic of the Congo

Isabel Hölzl

Representative for Dance and Performance Goethe-Institut

Susanne Traub

Athi-Patra Ruga


The Martyr Museum is a smaller tour version of the original site-specific piece performed in Copenhagen. What is a martyr, who has the right to use the term and what role has the martyr to play in our contemporary world? Our fascination with heroic characters in not a new phenomenon. Nonetheless, we still wonder what makes people die for an idea. Are today’s martyr’s different from those in the past? And what does it mean to die for one’s convictions?

In the exhibit the doors are being opened to the lives, deeds and deaths of the martyrs. During the visit of the mobile museum the audience is guided by a binaural audio experience through the minds of some of the most well know martyrs in their own genres throughout world history. After the audio experience the visitors will have the opportunity to get a closer look at some of the many reconstructions from the collection of the museum. The exhibition by the artists collective The Other Eye of the Tiger in cooperation with Sort/Hvid presents a wide range of martyrs e.g. Saint Stephen, Jeanne D’Arc, Jan Palach & Omar Ismail Mustafai, who was one of the shooters at the Bataclan in Paris. Informative and objective, the exhibition doesn’t honour the martyrs, but rather sheds light on the different aspects that characterise them and helps the audience to stand in the shoes of the martyrs for a brief moment. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of discussions.

29.11.17 – 06.12.17, Studio 1, Kunstquartier Bethanien

08.12.17 – 16.12.17, Kampnagel, Hamburg

Athi-Patra Ruga


At a public square at night in Ouagadougou. The country is suddenly awoken. Together some people re-enact the events of the day. “Nuit blanche à Ouagadougou” is inspired by social movements that have shaken Africa in the very recent past. Coulibaly takes a clear political position and has gained international attention. Thus the premiere of the performance coincided with the coup, the people’s uprising against president Blaise Compaoré. Seldom art and reality are as close to each other as here. One of the protagonists of the piece, the rapper Smockey, who wrotes the music and the textes, is among the leaders of the civil rights movement ‘Le balai citoyen’ that brought down Blaise Compaoré’s regime.

Sa. 9.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel, 60 min

Su. 10.12.17, 7pm, Kampnagel, 60 min

Athi-Patra Ruga


Samovarteateret is the northern most professional theatre in the world, located in the northern Norwegian town Kirkenes. The town is located only 12 kilometres from the Russian border and 50 kilometres from the Finnish one. Just as Lampedusa is the southernmost Schengen border, Kirkenes abuts the northernmost. For more than 27 years Samovarteateret has developed new-written drama from this border region, and develop their one working methodology. Samovarteateret will present work in proses from the new performance they are producing LOST IN THE HORIZON. The starting point for this proses was the Schengen border. At Kampnagel, they also will document their multilingual artistic work with videos and early excerpts from the proses with LOST IN THE HORIZON. And they will invite viewers to a workshop for the exchange of the Samovar Methodology.

Sat 09.12.17, 6pm, Kampnagel
Sun 09.12.17, 6pm, Kampnagel

Athi-Patra Ruga


In her production for the largest contemporary dance company in Norway, the Moroccan choreographer Bouchra Ouizguen invited the entire ensemble to join her at home. In Morocco the Nowegian dancers shared Ouizguen’s artistic cosmos. Accompanied by the energetic Moroccan men’s vocals, the dancers move in circular formations, join in groups that form and dissolve. JERADA makes reference to the subject of non-translatable codes as well as their meanings in constructing identities.

Th.14.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel ca. 60 min.

Fr. 15.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel ca. 60 min.

Sa. 16.12.17, 8pm, Kampnagel ca. 60 min.

Athi-Patra Ruga


QUEENS IN EXILE is a journey that utilises throat singing from two polarities: that of the Xhosa (Thembu) Umnqokolo and the award-winning Canadian (Inuk) musician Tanya Tagaq. Together with musician and performer Angel-Ho, Athi-Patra Ruga and Tanya Tagaq will celebrate a ritual of dystopian energy and abysmal power. Their songs of displacement and unrequited love set the tone for the new struggles for a generation in exile.

Sa. 16.12.17, 9pm, Kampnagel

Athi-Patra Ruga


Finnish musician Aleksi Perälä has developed a tone scale that goes beyond classical semitones and is instead composed of 128 tonal sequences. He creates highly diverse experimental sounds – a mix of twilight-ambient music, Erik Satie-style keyboard cameos, mythical and hypnotic sounds and deep, eerie basses and masterfully subtle techno. Perälä will abduct his audience into his inscrutable musical universe during the last night of the Nordwind Festival.

16.12.17, 10pm, Kampnagel

Athi-Patra Ruga


Nils Gaup and Jakop Janssønn (Norway)

Norway, 600 years before Christ: Aigin, a young Sami returns from the hunt and finds his family murdered by the Chudes and his village burned to the ground. The boy escapes to a neighbouring village and prepares for revenge with three friends and the shaman.

The 1987 film, nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar, is based on a saga that the Sami-Norwegian director, Nils Gaup, was told by his grandfather. With its breathtaking natural scenery and powerful images, the film is accompanied by an ensemble of five eminent artists from both the Sámi music scene and the nordic jazz-scene, who have createdtheir own soundtrack for it. The ensemble is lead by Jakop Janssønn as musical leader and main composer.

This film concert is a Tromsø International Film Festival production, supported by BarentsKult and Kultur i Troms.

Fri 08.12.17, 08:30 pm, Kampnagel

Athi-Patra Ruga


Once upon a time … a long, long time ago, there was a beautiful princess who wanted to be a contestant on The Voice, but failed miserably. Because she embarrassed herself in front of the whole kingdom, she was to be beheaded. But she was saved from her oubliette by a horde of oddly singing, no f***s giving, hipster homos. They lived happily ever after, mainly because their off-key notes created a king of bulletproof protective shield. Yes, we are talking about KICK-ASS-QUEEREEOKÉ, your magical karaoke show with fairy-power and a lot of bitchcraft!

Sa, 09.12., 10pm, Kampnagel