Amanda Apetrea

Amanda Apetrea (born in 1981 in Uppsala, Sweden) is a performer and choreographer based in Stockholm. In her work she integrates political theories such as feminism, sexpositivism, body positivism, and queerutopism. Apetrea went to Ballet Academy in Stockholm and has a master in choreography from DOCH (University College of Dance and Circus), Stockholm. Her works are marked by her significantly feminist point of view that calls into question larger power structures of modern world through the performance of classical and cultural dance, spectacle and conceptual performance. Her current works challenge structures that restrain and inhibit the microcosm of the  choreographic field as a reflection of society at large.

As Amanda has continued to critically examine, integrate and inhabit the overlapping politically radical theoretical concepts her work has significantly hinged on the collaborative process. Some of these collaboratively authored works are: Beauty and the Beast featuring Lisen Rosell and Chrisander Brun (jardin d’europe 2013 prize winner) and DEAD with Halla Ólafsdóttir, Samlingen with Nadja Hjorton, Zoë Poluch, Stina Nyberg and Halla Ólafsdóttir. I’m a Very Understanding Woman and SPRINGTIME with Mica Sigourney (SF, USA) and The clan of the cave bear with Nadja Hjorton and Lisen Rosell.

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