Rébecca Chaillon

The actress and director Rébecca Chaillon is of antilles origin and spent her childhood and youth in Picardy. For her art studies she went to Paris. From 2005- 2017 she worked together with Rodrigo Garcia and Entrees de Jeu and founded her own company “Dans le Ventre” in 2006. Through her work with Rodrigo Garcia she came to scenic writing, to the artistic practice of ‘self-make-up’ and to her fascination for food in performances. With her solo “L’Estomac dans la peau- the skin in the belly” and other short performances, Rébecca has toured to numerous festivals and queer events and performed at venues such as la Ferme du Buisson and the Scène Nationale d’Orléans. “Monstres d’Amour”, her subsequent work, is a duo with her main partner Élisa Monteil on the subject of cannibalistic love. In 2016, Rébecca participated in several film projects, including Émilie Jouvet’s “My Body my rules” and “Ouvrir la Voix” by Amandine Gay. She also made her debut in a continuous role in the series “Les Grands” directed by Vianney Lebasque and produced by OCS. Rébecca Chaillon is represented by L’Arche by Amandine Bergé. She also wrote texts, performed and danced in the work of Delavallet Bidiefono “Monstres/On ne danse pas pour rien”, while continuing to work with Yann Da Costa in “Loveless”, with Gianni-Grégory Fornet in “Oratorio Vigilant Animal”, as well as with Anne Contensou and Arnaud Troalic. David Bobée and Philippe Chamaux also offered her the opportunity to work as an associated artist at the CDN in Rouen from the 17/18 season. Most recently she worked with Pierre Guillois on Vive le Sujet ! for the Festival d’Avignon 2019.