Silla and Rise

Silla & Rise combine Inuit-throat singing und futuristic dance beats. Silla is Cynthia Pitsiulak (Kimmirut in Nunavut, Canada) and Charlotte Qamaniq (Iglulik in Nunavut, Canada). Her name comes from the   Inuktitut-Word “Sila”, which means weather. ‘Sila’ is what surrounds us, what connects us to our land, to the moon, the stars, the sun, the ocean and the air we breathe. By respecting the need to preserve the Inuit culture and by celebrating and honoring the land and its people Silla & Rise present the traditional Inuit Throat Singing in its full spiritual power and combine it with contemporary elements. Rise ist Ottawas Rise Ashen, a Juno Award nominated global Grooves-Producer, DJ and dancer who dedicated his professional career to interweave traditional und futuristic music elements.