Since 2006, NORDWIND has presented over 1500 artists in performances, exhibitions, films, discourses and concerts. It has partners in Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden and Bern, as well as in France the UK, the USA and orhwea

NORDWIND was founded as a showcase for Nordic arts and has evolved into a platform and a collaboration partner for different institutions over the years. Changing its profile and questioning its own purpose as a festival, it moves away from representing singular artistic events, becoming a space and a platform that fosters a sustainable exchange between artists audience and cultural institutions. Therefore NORDWIND will detach from the temporality of a festival and redevelop its long-term programme with different international partners. Beyond this NORDWIND will still he host of the biannual NORDWIND Festival. Aiming for the mentioned sustainable impact, NORDWIND will offer a transdisciplinary platform for artists,scientists and innovative thinkers.

After years of being present in a biannual structure NORDWIND seeks to strengthen to become a transdisciplinary platform leaving the pure showcase of well curated highlights.