Ricarda Ciontos – Artistic Director and General Manager

Ricarda Ciontos, born in 1968 in Sibiu, Romania, came to Heidelberg in 1978. She studied at the College of Music and the Performing Arts in Saarbrücken. Ciontos lived and worked as an actress in Vienna, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Bochum and Bucharest. She has lived in Berlin since 2002. In 2006, she founded NORDWIND festival, which quickly grew into an important platform for the Nordic arts in Europe. Apart from NORDWIND, she also worked as a curator and producer with Future Perfect Productions. She also teaches and is a mentor in the PAP – Performing Arts Programme Berlin and at the Viadrina University in Frankfurt/Oder.

Ann Christin Görtz – Production Management

Ann-Christin Görtz (M.A. Dance Studies, MPhil Intercultural Communication) has been working as a producer for performing arts since 2010. She has worked for numerous dance, theater and performance festivals and was employed at the theatre. Since 2015 she has been working independently, mainly with artists from the independent Berlin scene. Since 2019, Ann-Christin has increasingly worked as a mentor for producers in the performing arts sector. Ann-Christin is also a yoga teacher and organizes teacher training courses, workshops and retreats in this context.

Ann Christin Görtz takes over the Production of „ my undying love / songs of grief“ under the main project claiming new spaces