Arnbjörg María Danielsen

 The Icelandic theatre maker Arnbjörg María Danielsen moves in a sphere that is situated along the ambiguous cross section of contemporary and classical music, performance, theatre and opera. Her interdisciplinary practice furthermore combines artistic production, dramaturgical and curatorial approaches. Her interdisciplinary music theatre projects on the intersection of contemporary and classical music, visual arts, literature and historical research range from intimate conversation pieces to large scale symphonic installations. Arnbjörg María Danielsen was born in Reykjavik, and grew up in Norway and Iceland. She has lived for the greater part of her life in Central Europe, i.e. Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. She is based in Berlin. Arnbjörg María Danielsen was educated at the Reykjavík College of Music, Mozarteum University of Salzburg and University of Zürich. Her last piece was ‘Sounds of Inuicity’ together with Varna Marianne Nielsen Apaloo, Kimmernaq Kjeldsen, Miké Thomsen and Matthias Mohr during the ‘Episodes of the south – the other way around’ , curated by Claudia Mattos at the PACT Zollverein at the Ruhrtriennale in September 2017. She is currently working on a grand scale performative installation for the Ingmar Bergman centenary with the Gothenburg symphony.