In December 2021 the performer Andreas Constantinou and Vanasay Khamphommala got to know each other during the NORDWIND Festival in Hamburg and out of a broad respect and interest in each other’s work the wish occured to work together at some point in their career. Introducing with „ Soft Utopia“ last year’s programmatic focus, NORDWIND opened up to long-term, transdisciplinary and participatory processes establishing artist collaborations as sustainable exchange. The project my undying love//songs of grief is a first cooperation between ANDREAS CONSTANTINOU the team of HIMHERANDIT and VANASAY KHAMPHOMMALA/LAPSUS CHEVELU

My Undying Love/ Songs of Grief – HIMHERANDIT/LAPSUS CHEVELU

Andreas Constantinou, Vanasay Khamphommala, Dagmara Bilon, Kenth Rose

Beautiful and intimate My Undying Love is an award-winning immersive performance, an honest response to grief, a love letter to humanity.

In My Undying Love, five persons at a time enter into a custom-built installation and become immersed between melodic soundscapes, an ambient 360° video panorama and an engaged in an hour long interactive performance experience. Audience become both on-lookers and participants.

My Undying Love combines performance, visual art, story telling, video installation and sonic art into a unique immersive experience that talks about death, grief, life and love.

SONGS OF GRIEF offers a space for the audience to prepare and/or prolong their experience of MY UNDYING LOVE, in which silence, breath, voice and music come together to question the place of sounds in our grieving processes. It is a place of (after)care where ephemeral, ever-changing and participative soundscapes are created.

Next to the research installation project of Lars Ramberg a first film project initiated by NORDWIND the director Sylvie Kürsten and the camera operator Matthias Heuermann portrayed important new initiatives in the region of Lausitz.The process started with an binational exchange project with youngsters from the Polish-German boarder region and in cooperation with Schloss Trebnitz e.V. The Film as well as the exchange project were funded by the Ministry of Justice and Europe of the Land Brandenburg,the Sebastian Cobler Foundation and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin. This project is planned as a long-term study on the cultural, political, social changes in the Region of Lausitz.

Presentation October 1, 2021, at Studio Ramberg Berlin

With the support of the Ministry of Finance and for Europe of the State of Brandenburg and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Berlin, at the beginning of this year NORDWIND has initiated a cooperative project in Lusatia with the artist Lars Ø Ramberg. During the last months, Studio Ramberg has worked intensively on research in dialogue with locals and experts from Lusatia, created a so-called mapping, and developed core ideas for an initial sketch. The presentation of this preliminary project and the subsequent dialogue will take place on October 1, 2021, at Studio Ramberg.

The ancient material about the (im)mortal love between Orpheus and Eurydice is present in countless adaptations. This is hardly surprising since it’s the elementary motives of humanity that are discussed here: love, art, and death. The popular myth itself is derived from the even older story about Demeter, who lost her daughter Persephone to Hades and the underworld. In her honor, mystic celebrations of several days were held in ancient Greece, through which dances, making music together, singing, screaming, and lamenting became central elements of the ritualistic search for Persephone.

The multidisciplinary Icelandic artist Erna Ómarsdóttir reinterprets the myth of Orpheus in five cycles of eternal growth and decay, intertwining ancient and Indo-European legends as well as contemporary subjects. With a mixed cast of actors from the Freiburg Theater and dancers from the Iceland Dance Company, she examines the metamorphoses and reproductive forces of culture and art, which over time have made Mother Earth a skilled lyre player and her offspring his tragic bride, who follows her husband silently and on soft soles.

In her new borderline-musical, Erna Ómarsdóttir questions the dualisms of life and death, understanding and feeling, artistic creation and silence, man and woman … – Who has the Golden Fleece? Where do the snakes come from? And does Eurydice actually want to go back to the (upper) world?

Frame program: 18.12. “Sound of silence the voice of Eurydike” with Wiebke Hüster, Mateja Meded, Klaus Theweleit and Erna Omarsdottir a debate. 19.12 Concert with Olöf Arnalds and Skuli Sverirsson

12-18.10.2020 Virtual Zone

NORDWIND presents  the virtual performance Women in Battle # 3 and introduces again strong and diverse female voices in literature and music focusing on representatives of last and this year’s guest country of honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair and is part of Canada’s guest of Honor presentation 2020/2021 with outstanding protagonists such as Synnove Persen, Jeannine Masika Lukusa, Cris Derksen and Canisia Lubrin among others .

The event exhibits works of different stylistic directions and unites them in a common project with four languages implemented such as Sami, Norwegian, English and German. The Moderator of the event and Presenter of the German text selection will be Shelly Kupferberg. The project takes place in cooperation with the Norwegian and Canadian embassy and is supported by NORLA ( Norwegian Literature Abroad).

From 12.10. here

From 17.10 . here

Women in Battle

With the series “Women in Battle // Rebellische Frauen”, the literary house, together with the Nordwind Festival, creates a platform for current Norwegian authors whose work is of great relevance to gender-critical disputes in Germany.

Announcement texts:

Women in Battle
With the announcement “Women in Battle”, the group fxtrouble, known in Berlin for their VULVA Club platform, and young Norwegian authors take over the literary house for one evening and turn it into a crazy place for fresh gender criticism. While Ingvild Lothe with her poetry questions the image of young women between career, sexuality, tinder madness and loneliness, Marta Breen takes a clairvoyant journey through the history of feminism with her eponymous grapic novel. Sofia Srour and Nancy Herz present parts of their book “Shameless”, in which the young Muslims make clear with acuteness and a lot of humor what it means to grow up as a ‘stranger’ in the Norwegian welfare state. The texts will be read by two actors from the Theater an der Parkaue and their points of view will be added. The evening is in English and German.

Wings on fire
UT. An evening at Dagny Juel with Lars Brandt and Anne Tismer with reference to the work of Dr. Barbara Fruth on the Bonobo Society As a self-determined woman, the writer Dagny Juel questioned the bourgeois conventions of the late 19th century with her writing and her provocative demeanor. Her progressive life led her from Norway via the bohemian Berlin around Strindberg and Munch to Tbilisi, where she was murdered. The performer Anne Tismer takes up the previously little-known texts of Juel and puts them in a new kind of tension in a cross-over of science and fiction. Based on the research on the bonobos of Dr. Barbara Fruth, neurobiologist at Liverpool John Moores University and head of the research station for bonobos in Luikotale, a future egalitarian to matriarchal society in which Juel’s work of central importance and her social behavior would not have led to her violent death. In conversation with the author and filmmaker Lars Brandt, who is closely connected to Norway as the son of Rut and Willy Brandt and who translated Juel’s work for the first time, Tismer explores the topicality of Dagny Juel’s work.

NORDWIND in the Theatre of Nations in Moscow, 13th-15th October and 8th-10th February at Kampnagel.

Nordwind festival has already had its thematic focus on Russia once before, in 2015. This year the partnership will be continued: a performative series of discussions entitled Nowy Mir – New World will take place from the 13th to the 15th of October under the curatorial direction of Jens Dietrich, in which artists and activists from both nations will come together to negotiate the seemingly unsolvable problems of planet Earth from the imaginary perspective of a space station. Nowy Mir – New World is a theatre salon with a band, guests, short video reportages and stand-up commentaries on transational themes. The audience is invited to intervene in the discussion at any time. Renowned theatre artists will be involved in both Moscow and Hamburg: in Hamburg, theatre-maker Manuel Muerte, who started the legendary talk format Der schwebende Diwan (The Flying Divan) and The Talking Dead at Kampnagel. In Moscow, one of the most important international directors, Konstantin Bogomolov, will be the host. On the 13th of October, two of the guests will be the Russian director Boris Bogomolow and the writer and journalist Christoph Twickel, who will discuss the link between theatre, media, politics and fear, on the 14th of October, the discussions will focus on charity organisations as institutions of power and on the 15th of October, Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) and the composer Serjei Nevsky will talk about the market of ideas, which regulates the value and potential for realisation of ideas in art and the economy. Using playful, theatrical means, the aim is to create a prototype for a new discursive space, in which German-Russian themes can be examined beyond stereotypes and simple theories in their full complexity. Entertainment and knowledge production are also to be linked through performative strategies into a format that is just as exciting as it is informative.

In Hamburg, the project will be continued for three nights from the 8th-10th February at Kampnagel.

A Madame Nielsen Evening


Claus Beck Nielsen becomes Helge Bille Nielsen becomes Nielsen becomes Madame Nielsen. Madame Nielsen’s constant identity shift and the play on gender and diversity disturbs our binary-orientated customs and blurs our orientation. It made Madame Nielsen one of the most controversial, fascinating and multilayered contemporary artist and writer. Nielsen “imported democracy” to Iran, was buried and lived -sans papiers- in the streets of Copenhagen, was part of the famous Wooster group around actor Willam Dafoe with an own band “The Nielsen Sisters,” and wrote among others the novel “The endless Summer” which was highly praised by critics and the press. Madame Nielsen received the Reumert award for best dramaturgy and was three nominated for the main Literature prize of the
Nordic Council of Ministers.

One day and one night the Literaturhaus Berlin will be transformed into a Nielsen universe
through performances, readings, debate, exhibition, installations and a late night concert .