Audience Reactions

“My Undying Love is still running in my body and mind, one day after – it will keep rushing in, I’m afraid. The performance shakes the deepest human vulnerabilities, leaving the “spectator” alone with its own story and, at the same time, with the stories of everyone else. This immersive performance opens and breaks you from within, socking you in the guts, but through the most delicate and sensitive touch of the performers. It queers the way of imagining and staging performing art, bringing life and death to meet endlessly.”

Some quotes about Vanasay’s work:

“Khamphommala’s work bring together genres, medias, tears, emotion, baroque music, pop culture and philosophy like no other.” Mediapart

“Vanasay radiates with a unique strangeness and charisma.” L’Œil d’Olivier

“Brainy and funny, radical and fragile. Transgressive and transcendent.” La Nouvelle République

“Vanasay Khamphommala asserts boldly her unique aesthetics.” L’Humanité