Marta Breen

Athi-Patra Ruga

Marta Breen (b. 1976) is a writer, journalist and one of Norway’s most profiled feminists. She made her debut in 2006 with the book «Girls, Wine and Song», about Norwegian women through times in Music. She has since established her self as a notable non-fiction author. Her book «Women in Battle» (2018), illustrated by Jenny Jordahl, has been sold to over 25 territories. is an author of non-fiction with a number of publications to her name. Among other things, she has written the story of women in Norwegian music, the book ”Born Feminist” and the bestseller ”60 Women You Should Know About” in collaboration with illustrator Jenny Jordahl. They have also worked together on the book «The F Word», which won the Norwegian Ministry of Culture’s textbook prize for young people.