Mandhla, Jada & Sahra zaniah

What does collectivity and cohesion mean in the ballroom community? A community that emerged out of necessity to create a safe parallel world for marginalized, queer & non-white bodies. The cornerstone of the community was formed by African-American Trans-women in Harlem, New York, around the late 1960s. How did the base transport itself to Europe? Which Identities are found again in these structures and why? Mandhla, JADA & Sahra zaniah are active members of the German ballroom scene. They all have different background stories, and in their performance they work on the meaning and impact of the ballroom community in their lives.

Dez20210120:00NORDWIND Festival 2021: MABLE PREACH & FRIENDS: HAUS-PARTY20:00 Kampnagel – K2